Cancer Survivor from Papua New Guinea

C24/7 Miracle – Must See! Vulvar Cancer Patient & Unable to Walk Anymore said by Doctors

“Good Morning, my name is Ruth Soalnong Peter and I am from Papua New Guinea.”

“I am very happy to share with you about what C24/7 affect my life. I was diagnosed with Vulva cancer stage 1b. I almost died but I went to surgery. I did the operation at Manila Doctors Hospital after the surgery my two legs are swollen and the doctor told me I am not able to walk anymore. I was hospitalized for almost two weeks my both leg are swollen and for the rest of my I will not walk and I was so worried.

A good friend of mine came from Papua New Guinea said to me, I know of a friend named David, he’s a Pastor and he’s attending a health training. He said you better try this product, he gave me this one (C24/7). He gave me a tablet, he did not have many in his house, so he had only one packet and he gave it to me.

I took it (C24/7) for only 3 days and the swollen in my both legs are reduced, I could walk again It is a miracle for me it is very amazing. From then on, I didn’t go back to the Hospital and now I am walking again.”

“I am free from cancer because of C24/7.”
– Ruth Peter

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