How to be part of Aim Global International – Home Base Business

AIM GLOBAL – Is a direct sales MLM company formed by the triumvirate – owners Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, Francis Miguel and John Asperin in September 2005. The company was conceptualized to provide exceptional products and services to the market. The company was finally established on March 16,2006. Presently, the company holds offices at Units 301, 319 & 320 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, ADB Ave. cor. Garnet & Sapphire Sts., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines respectively.
The company distributes and markets top-of-the line food supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way USA, and premium blended beverages. AIM Global is the only direct sales company accredited by Nature’s Way USA as its exclusive distributor for Direct Sales in the Philippines.

AIM Global is considered one of the top companies in the MLM industry and is a staunch advocate of direct sales entrepreneurship. Its dynamic “pro-distributor” marketing plan has attracted and benefitted hundreds of thousands of distributors. The business has provided opportunities for distributors to gain financial independence and have provided a better future for their families.

AIM Global has built a strong presence with 3 branch offices in Cebu, Davao, General Santos City and more than 150 Business Center Offices in the country, currently at hand. The move to go global has opened vast opportunities for the company. And in just a few years, AIM Global has established international offices in Singapore, Hong kong, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hawaii, Dubai, Kuwait, Doha, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Togo, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Tanzania and continues moving more in African Countries. We are coming closer in closer to all who needed our products this business.

Our Statement

“We are always on looking for more innovative approaches, more ways to improve and study industry trends and systems that will help our business lead to prosperity and more success.”


Our methodology begins with our lasting mission of asserting our purpose as a company and serves a benchmark for our actions and decisions.

  • To empower the world.
  • To encourage confidence, optimism and happiness.
  • To create worth and make a distinction.


Our vision serves as the outline of our methodology and directs every aspect of our business by unfolding what we need to achieve in order to continue sustainable and quality growth.

  • Distributors: To have a great place to work where distributors are inspired to be the best that they can be.
  • Products: Bring to the world a portfolio of quality revolutionary products that anticipate and satisfy people’s health desires and needs.
  • Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and distributors, together we create joint, long-term value.
  • Efficiency: Be a highly exciting and dynamic organization that will be flexible to furnish the trending needs and desires of the market.To be part of this International Business here is the Marketing Plan

    To be part of the business you will need sponsor it means the person who shared this to you, or if no body it will be mean its me, You can add me on Facebook Simply by purchasing the Starter Global Package International you will see the example image below or simply visit our update package here. The package is contain with high quality food supplement that you can use for your needs, in the same time enjoying the benefits of being member.
    Alliance in Motion Global Package
    Philippines Marketing Plan aim global all in one
    The Starter Package of AIM Global is $140 plus shipping if you reside to the country that doesn’t have branches. This will be great the opportunity for you to start up the business even their is no yet branch office in your area as you have more potential to expand your business quickly. You can speak to your sponsor for the product arrangement on how to get. It might have office in your area so this can be arrange with your sponsor.

    After purchasing your membership package you will have products, catalog, form application, flyers that you can use for presentation and code for registration, Your sponsor is going to get the code & your information for your Registration online.
    After being registered, you will have DTC ( DISTRIBUTOR TRACKING CENTER) so you can do your business anywhere you go.
    You can monitor as well your account online with your User and Password.
    We provide free trainings Online/Offline to empower people to have good enough knowledge to handle this business. We will guide you slowly in this business. The business are very simple, any person can do this as long as willing to learned and willing to be coach to succeed in this business.

    So, lets proceed now to the Ways to Earn of AIM Global.
    Let’s get to know the WAYS TO EARN.

    1. Retailing or Direct Selling

    Once you become a member of AIM Global you automatically are entitled to have a lifetime discount of 25%-50% on all products.

    That means that you can retail or sell products and have a 25%-50% profit when you sell it in the Retail Price.

    Here is an example computation for you.

    • C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals
    • Selling Retail Price: $27
    • Distributor Price: $20
      This means that you could earn $7 for every  C24/7 sold. This is just a bonus way to earn. And is not only 1 product we have. We have lot’s of product… Can you imagine if you sold many.


    2. Direct Sponsoring Referral Bonus

    Earning Millions is through referring of people or building a network.

    Earn $11 for every package sold. Meaning when your friend joined your business by means of buying also a registration package, you automatically earn a commission.

    Refer as many people as you can and get paid for $11 each.


    3. Matching Bonus

    You will have two sales group. The left sales group and the right sales group. Each Package is equivalent to 750-1500 binary points. For every 750-1500 binary points on your left sales group that matches with 750-1500 binary points on the right sales group, you will earn a match sales bonus of $20 or $40. This means that for every AIM Global Package sold on your left sales group that matches with another AIM Global Package on your right sales group, you will earn $20 or $40, regardless of who sold the package, as long as they are under your organization. This is the fastest way to earn here in AIM Global.

    Since we are pairing points ,you can earn when:

    • Pairing AIM Global Package (750 points) to Global Package (750  points).
    • Pairing Global Package (750 points) to Products accumulated (750 points).
    • Pairing Products accumulated (750 points) to Products accumulated (750 points)

    Account position

    AIM Global Business has 3 different option that you can avail
    1. Start with Starter Package 1-Head 6980 0r 12,980
    Just remember, every 750 point is 6980 membership and 1500 points is 12980 membership, paired at the left or the right. whether the points came from 750 or 1500 points left and 750 or 1500 points right you will earn $20 or $40. You can earn maximum of 16 pairs per day. This is equivalent to $640/day maximum potential income, or $19,200/month maximum potential income for 1 account!

    2. Start with Entrepreneurial Package 3-Head
    If you have 3 account your points will be double.
    You can earn maximum of 16 pairs per/account per day. This is equivalent to $1,920/day maximum potential income, or $57,600/month maximum potential income for 3 account! with the same effort.

    3. Start with International Builders Package 7-Heads
    If you have 7 account your points will be double.
    You can earn maximum of 16 pairs per/account per day. This is equivalent to $4,480/day maximum potential income, or $134,400/month maximum potential income for 7 account!

    That is same effort but big difference. That is the way you multiply your time and effort. 


    4. Uni-Level Bonus
    You will get additional 10%unilevel bonus from the product reorders for each of your directly sponsored downline and 5% unilevel bonus from the second level up to the 10th level. A maintenance of 0.3334 positional points from the previous month is required to earn from this.



    Once you become a member of AIM Global, you will start as a Distributor. If you and your team accumulated 10 positional points by buying AIM Global products (remember, each product has points!), you will be promoted to Silver Executive. Once you are promoted as Silver Executive, you will get an additional 10% overriding commission to all the products purchased and AIM Global Packages  under your organization. If you accumulate 100 points, you will be promoted as Gold Executive. You will now earn additional 20% commission from all the distributors’ sales under your team and 10% commission from all the Silver Executive. Earn 1000 positional points and you will be promoted as Global Ambassador. As a Global Ambassador, you will get 10% commissions from all Gold Executive, 20% commission from all Silver Executive and 30% commission from all Distributors under your team up to infinity! You will also get promoted into more highest level up to 45% commission. Can you image even you don’t have matching bonus you can still earn good money just here in stairstep, is like just you get paid monthly salary bonus.



    Helpful Link:
    To know About AIM GLOBAL
    To know About AIM GLOBAL Products you can visit HERE

    We also have Travel Incentives: US Trip, Europe Trip, Asian Cruise Trip, Maldives, Hong Kong Trip, Korea Trip, etc. The company also provides Profit Sharing to all the qualifiers.

    For more information you can add me on Facebook or

    @ YOUR SERVICE 24/



4 Types of BURN Products of AIM Global

Alliance in Motion Global ”AIM Global ” Weight loss program has four type of products.


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Burn Fat Under Right Nutrition

Introducing a breakthrough weight management and body shaping systems, based on highly innovative products, a simple eating plan, and simple exercise programs that unify your mind and body for a leaner, younger looking you!

Our Products:

1.) BURN SLIM – Shop BURN_slim_certProducts Details:
REGULAR BOX PRICE : Php 1200.00/box
CONTENTS : 30 Tablets/box

CONTENT: 10 Tablet/pack

– a special proprietary blend of:

Garcinia Cambogia Extract
• Power Appetite Suppressant
• Prevents Fats Storage
• Improve your heart Health
• Cure Gastric Issues
• Positive Stimulant for Brain

Green Tea Extract
• Maintain Body Weight
• Best Drink for Diabetes
• Regulate Blood Pressure
• Prevent Cancer
• Anti Stress
• Increase Brain Activity

L- Carnitine
• Aids weight Loss
• Play an Important role in energy Production
• Improve Mental Performance and Cognitive Ability

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
• Increase Metabolic Rate
• Enhance Muscle Growth
• Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides
• Lower Insulin Resistance
• Induced Allergic Reaction
• Enhances Immune System

White Kidney Bean Extract
• Reduce Cholesterol
• Stabilizes Blood Sugar
• Full of Iron
• Good For memory
• Anti oxidant
• Boost Energy
• Lower heart attack risk



Products Details: 

PRICE : Php 520.00/box
CONTENTS : 20 Sachets/box

PRICE : Php 190.00/pack
CONTENT : 5 Sachet/pack


BURN Livén Coffee -190 PESOS


BUY Here

Product Details:

PRICE: Php 190.00
CONTENT: 5 Sachet

This small pack you can shop online via R2ME the online extension of AIM Global to make it easy to the customer to shop and watch the vidoe for your more info. If you like it just sign up. Good thing is this can be order with hassle free. if you live in the Philippines this can deliver to your doorstep (house) and you can pay when you received (COD) . There are also some other option payment method, all depend on you. You can visit this product here

Liven BURN Coffee – Liven Burn is made of premium arabica beans, Fortified with Complete Phyto Energizer, Satiereal. Carnipure, Green Tea Extract EFLA 942, Garcinia Cambogia & Anhydrous Caffeine, the infuse of these ingredients are formulated to increase metabolism, energy and the feeling of satiety that support weight loss management.

Carnipure™  Supplementation was found to increase the oxidation of fatty acids in healthy human subjects. In two different studies, The subjects received labeled fatty acids with a meal, Prior to and after ten days of supplementation with Carnipure. As a breakdown product of labeled fatty acids, Labeled Co2 was then measured in the exhaled air. In the group that received Carnipure Tartrate, a significant increase in exhalation of labeled Co2 was observed, Indicating a significant increase in fatty acid oxidation. This lead to the conclusion that this nutrient can be beneficial to people who care about their Weight or Participate in any Weight Management Programs.


3.) BURN Meal Replacement ShakeBURN_shake_cert.jpg

Products Details: 

PRICE : Php 1,300.00/box
CONTENTS : 15 Sachets/box (Cookie & Cream Flavor)


BURN Shake – 480 PESOS


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Product Details:

PRICE: Php 480.00
CONTENT: 5 Sachet

Another affordable selection of small pack you can shop online  R2ME the online extension of AIM Global to make it easy to the customer to shop, If you like it the product just sign up and see inside . Good thing is this can be order with hassle free. if you live in the Philippines this can deliver to your doorstep (house) and you can pay when you received (COD). There are also some other option payment method, all depend on you. You can visit this product here


BURN Meal Replacement Shake is a low calorie, zero saturate/transfat supplement which provides complete nutrition including protein and amino acid. It’s a great-tasting way to achieve your weight loss goal. BURN Meal Replacement Shake contains high protein which helps shake off hunger and other ingredients instrumental in weight loss such as HCA, L-Carnitine, Aloe Vera Gel, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extracts and Guarana.


4.) BURN Mate Iced Teaaim-global-product-burn-mate-iced-tea

Products Details: 

PRICE : Php 1,100.00/box
CONTENTS : 20 Sachets/box


BURN Mate Ice Tea – 320 PESOS

BUY Here

Product Details:

PRICE: Php 320.00
CONTENT: 5 Sachet

Another great selection of small pack you can shop online via R2ME the online extension of AIM Global to make it easy to the customer to shop, just sign up if you like the product and see inside. Good thing is this can be order with hassle free. if you live in the Philippines this can deliver to your doorstep (house) and you can pay when you received (COD). There are also some other option payment method, all depend on you. You can visit this product here

BURN Mate Ice Tea – Frutarom with its patented EFLA Hyperpure process technology, developed Finomate, a patented green mate tea leaf extract with human clinical studies providing efficacy on weight loss and increase of energy/vitality through multiple muchanisms of action.

Adding Green Tea Extract EFLA 942, Satiereal, Carnipure, Fibruline, these imported ingredients with clinical studies on Satiety, metabolism and weight control will help you get in shape and achieve the body you desire. The best thing with this product has no diarrheal effect and you will still get the same result as all the toxin it will come out in your body. All are normal in a healthy way with Burn mate.




Page 8 Burn Info







12717589_1704036443143887_4976385934822545120_n.jpgburn burn2.jpg


[products limit=”12″ columns=”3″ category=”654043695″ orderby=”date” order=”DESC”]

Papano Sumali at Kumita sa AIM Global


Sign-up by Purchasing the Global Package worth of 7,980

> Mamili ka lang dyan sa Global Package Option from A-F & Combo to V-V2 & A-B
Bilhen mo lang kahit alin dyan sa gusto mo ay magkakaron ka ng products in return makikita mo sa option na pinili mo.

Eto ang laman ng “Global Package” Ang Products return ay nag-uumpisa sa PHP 6,800 up to PHP 7,800 na ang bumalik agad kaya almost 90% return (R.O.I) of products kaya halos nasa 180 lang ang ipinohunan mo.


Magkakaron ka ng

> Lifetime 25-50% discount sa lahat ng aim global products, worldwide yan.
> PHP 200,000 – Personal Accident Insurance ito ay kung namatay sa aksidente.
> PHP 10,000 – Medical Reimbursement, example nakagat ng aso, nahulog sa hagdan at nagpadoctor may refund sa ginastos mo sa hospital basta nasa sayo ang mga original resebo para sa pag aaply ng refund mo sa office, 1 month lang dapat maebigay na sa office para maka refund ka.
> PHP 10,000 Burial Assistance
> PHP 50,000 Murder and Assault, example nasaksak.
Insurance yan for 1 year at automatic i-renew (Optional) deduct sa account commission mo. Kaya my Business kana naka Insured kapa.
> Magkakaron ka din ng
Free Medical Check-up and Laboratories, chest x-ray, urinalysis, physical examination, Dental at iba pa. We have more than 500 tie-up clinics and laboratories all over the Philippines. Pumunta ka lang sa mga ka tie up at ipakita ang ID mo.
> Ito ang kilangan mo para makuha mo ang income mo ATM (BDO, RCBC or Chinatrust for Abroad) –
Daily Pay-out. (walang mentaining balance kaya hindi nagsasara ang account) kilangan mo lang bayaran yung open account fee na PHP 200 for BDO & BPI pinas account at PHP 500 sa RCBC, PHP 500 for CHINATRUST ito ay sa Abroad account.> Magkakaron ka ng
Free Webpage Online (Distributor Tracking Center) kahit nasaang parte ka ng mundo namomonitor mo ang negosyo mo, wala kang binabayarang secretary, accountant, pwesto. Online monitoring 24/7.> Magkakaron ka ng
Business Kit, may laman ng mga dvd event ng
company, (flyers and form).> Magkakaron ka ng
Free Scholarship Certificate from 20% to 100%
discount sa mga tie-up schools like AMA (selected
branch), INFORMATICS, DATAMEX at madami pa
more than 500 all over the Philippines, see here.
Transferrable ito meaning pwede po ipamigay sa
kapatid, kamag-anak, kakilala kahit po sino basta
gustong magaral pwede po ipagamit, no expiration,
mentaining grade is 75% pass Scholar pa din.
Malaking discount sa tuition fee (for Example sa
Informatics 75% Discount per Sem ang tuition dun
PHP 17,000 kapag may Certificate ka ng AIM
GLOBAL PHP 10,000 na lang ang babayaran mo
per Sem).

Isa lang dapat ang gagamit.
FOR ONLY PHP 7,980 (pesos po yan) maliit na
kapital pero malaking halaga ang babalik syo =

Napaka simple lang po ng business na ito at ang maganda ay NAIPAPAMANA ito sa FAMILYA MO. Ang maganda dito kung stable na yung iniwan mo ay lumalaki ng lumalaki lalo ito.



Kung mahilig kang mag benta may tubo ka sa mga products na 25%profit. (TAKE NOTE: NO QUOTA) Panggamit man o Pang- benta.

2.) DIRECT REFERRAL BONUS (P500) Sa bawat kakilala mo na bibili din ng Global Package or magmember may kita ka na P500 diretso sa account mo. This is unlimited, kahit ilan na kakilala mo ikwento mo lang itong negosyo at pag nag member or bumili din ng Global Package – P500 Ang commission mo. Mag invite ka lang at ipasa mo ito.
BINARY SYSTEM..ito na ang malaking kitaan.. Pag
nagmember ka magkakaroon ka ng grupo sa computer left and right kailangan mo lang kumuha atleast dalawang tao..ang isa ilagay sa left at ang isa
ilagay sa right makikita na computer automatic kikita
ka additional 1,500 match…Bawat tao na papasok sa
grupo mo left and right kikita ka ng 1,500 kahit hindi
na ikaw ang nag refer or hindi mo na any position. LEVERAGING SYSTEM.. Habang dumadami ang member sa grupo mo lumalaki din ang income
kahit hindi na ikaw ang nag effort.. Sa Matching
Bonus… Pwedeng rin mag pairing ang mga
BONUS: (left) or (right)
TAO (GP) 1200points – TAO (GP) 1200point = P1,500 (pairing bonus)
TAO (GP) 1200points – PRODUCTS 1200points = P1,500 (pairing bonus)
PRODUCTS 1200points – PRODUCTS 1200points = P1,500 (pairing bonus)
SAFETY NET: 16 pairs per day (16 x P1,500 = P24,000
maximum potential income per day. Kitaan pa lang ito sa Matching Bonus).


4.) UNILEVEL COMMISION BONUS (Started from you join up to infinite 5% ) Sa lahat ng binibili ng downlines mo ay may 5% commission ka from your
1st Level up to 10th Level. Plus additional 5% kung sya ay Direct downlines mo… Gumagamit nalang ng products ang mga downlines mo kahit hinde mo na sila mga kakilala, may commission ka sa mga binibili nila..
(NOTE: Qualified ka sa income na ito basta my re order maintenance ka monthly re order atleast 2-c24/7 box).

5. STAIR STEP (Based on Rank – Dapat my rank ka)…
Once na nag join ka, ang rank mo ay DISTRIBUTOR, lahat ng
Products ay may positional Points na nag a-accumulate sa iyo.. this is Group Sales Point, No Time-frame, No demotion, No Pass-up kapag ikaw at ang buong grupo mo ay naka ipon ng
10Points Ikaw ay mapopromote ng SILVER EXECUTIVE (ikaw ay may 10% Overiding commission from your 1st level up to INFINITY),
100points ikaw ay GOLD EXECUTIVE (20% Overiding commission from your first level up to INFINITY),
Kapag 1000points ikaw ay GLOBAL AMBASSADOR NA! (30% Overiding commission from your first level up to infinity) TAKE NOTE: Ito ay from 1st Level up to infinity, hanggang sa kadulu-duluhang downlines mo may comission ka sa bawat binibili nilang products.. TAKE NOTE: hindi niyo lang po benta yan kundi benta ng buong grupo nyo po. .. may kita kayo!
(Again kilangan my 2-b0x of c24/7 ka dito na maintenance para ma qualified ka para sa earnings commission).
6.) ROYALTY INCOME, Meron din tayo PUSH UP PROMOTION,.,.lets say isa lang ang nagjoin sa yo at yong isa na yun isa lang ang din ang nakuha,..pero yong huling nagjoin sa ilalim mo naging Global Ambasador kasi sia talaga ang mas masipag sya ang mas malaki ang grupo,..mas malaki ang kinita nya kasi sya ang masipag,..kaya wala pong una una dito,.pasipagan po ito,.pero ang advantage mo naman sa ganong senaryo..kapag naging Global Ambasador ang taong masipag sa ilalim mo automatic Global Ambasador ka
din… may MARKETING SYSTEM system din po ang AIM Gobal na SPILL OVER,.. kapag nagpahinga ka at di ka kumuha ng tao at ang upline mo tuloy tuloy at nalagyan ka ng tao sa ilalim mo magkakaroon ka na ng tao sa kabilang side mo isang side na lang ang tatrabahuin mo…ang tawag don ay spill over,..pwede ka pa din kumita non sa taong nilagay sa ilalim mo ng 5% sa 1st level hanggang 10th level.. kahit nilagyan ka lang ng tao… sa ibang company walang ganon na marketing plan,. dito nyo na po mararanasan ang RESIDUAL INCOME..
ang residual income ay isang uri ng income na kahit
namamasyal ka kumikita ka pa rin .,kahit nagbabakasyon ka may kita ka pa din,. kahit
natutulog ka kumikita ka pa,.kahit nanonood ka na
lang ng sine may kita ka pa din,..kahit nakikipagdate
po kayo may kita ka pa din..kahit natutulog ka na at
di ka nagising may kita ka pa rin,.wag po kayo mag
alala pag nagreresidual income ka na at natulog ka ng di ka nagising ok lang kasi TRANSFERABLE ang account pwede mo ipamana ang account mo sa mga
naulila mo,.sa asawa o sa lng po sa mga interesado,,, maganda ba or magandang maganda.
Ang Potential income mo dito kung merong kang
1-Account ay 24,000 per day
3-Account ay 72,000 per day
7-Account ay 168,000 per day
Same effort mo syang gagawin mas malaki ang kitaan sa mas madaming account. Parang business lang na madami kang branch mas malaki ang kita.

Helpful Link:
To know About AIM GLOBAL
To know About AIM GLOBAL Products you can visit HERE

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Why AIM Global is an Ideal Business

Placeholder Image

The first question asked by one who wants to start a business  is “what’s a good business to start?” If you are looking for a new business or wants to invite one to AIM Global, knowing why AIM Global is an Ideal Business can be helpful in showing why AIM Global is the business to choose.

The answer to the above can be summarized in one sentence: AIM Global is a big business which ordinary person with little capital and limited time and resources can succeed and eventually make it big time. Below are more detailed reasons:

  • It is affordable; requires minimal one-time no-risk capital. It takes only P7,980.00 or $190 to start, less than the price of mobile phone which many people can do afford; and provide immediate more than 100% exchange value. For a business that promises financial freedom in the long run $190 is a way low, low capital.
  • It promises for the committed, big income that ranks with big business establishment, like for example a single store franchise from a chain of convenience store. Monthly income for a fully developed AIM Global distributor’s network generates at least $16,363 monthly income – only from matching bonus, 1 of 6 sources of pay-outs in AIM Global’s compensation plan. A monthly income from a single direct fully grown unilevel downline can generate at least another $909 per month which may be multiplied by number of direct sponsor with fully developed unilevel downline (10 levels of active members). For the more enterprising who start the business with a 7-head account ($1,000+), the income is multiplied 7 times for the same time and effort spent.
  • AIM Global compensation plan is pro-distributor – no monthly quota and no penalty of demotion for lack of production during any given month and no membership termination for inactivity; no expensive monthly purchase requirement to qualify for earning (except for minimal $40 monthly purchase for unilevel income; and even if one fail for a given month, income can still be generated from the 5 other sources of payouts).
  • It is home-based with all the demanding requirements of a business (building and office, accounting, manufacturing, merchandise stock management, personnel etc.) taken care of by the company, giving its distributors all the time and effort to simply focus on promoting its products and building their business networks right from their home or anywhere else convenient.
  • Flexible time requirement. Can be done part-time, in-between and after office hours, week-ends or for others as full-time business.
  • It can be done as online business through website, webpage, blog , facebook, twitter, you tube, pinterest, and many other online channels.  With online marketing you go beyond the limits of time, space and distance. Conducting the business is convenient; you can sell products thru online shop, promote your business through a personal webpage and sponsor anyone around the world through an online application. Products can be shipped to your customers and new members through International Express Mail Service.
  • It provides you free training for personal development through live training programs/events and digital training thru AIM Academy, which would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars when availed of from many paid online training programs and live-conferences.
  • It has unique, outstanding, world-class products for the health and wellness global market. Paul Zane Pilzer – world-renowned economist – in his book “The New Wellness Revolution” described the wellness industry as “the perfect storm of opportunity to make a lot of money and to do incredible good.” And AIM Global’s products are manufactured by leaders in the industry – Natures’ Way (USA), DSM (Netherland) & AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co.,Ltd.  (Japan).
  • It is a company with a heart and social commitment through its Alive Foundation – one you can be proud to be part of.
  • AIM Global is a solid, dynamic, progressive and successful company you can be secure and confident in delivering its promise of “Turning ordinary persons into Extraordinary Millionaires” as it is already doing for many of its members. You can have this confidence in its leadership knowing that following its Visionary Leader – Pres/CEO Dr Ed Cabantog – who has been chosen as the  #1  Direct Selling CEO in the World will lead you towards the achievement of your goals and dreams no matter how big they are.

 Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. (AIM Global) is indeed the Ideal Business for YOU who have the heart to Dream Big and committed enough to work smart to Make It Happen.

See our short Marketing Plan

For more information you can connect on me here >>>


WhiteLight L-Glutathione Spray


What is Sublingual Absorption?
“under the tongue” refers to a method of administering substances orally in such a way that the substance are rapidly and more effectively absorbed compared to capsules and tablets via the digestive tract.


Sublingual routes of administration have certain advantages over simple oral administration.
This route is faster, and entering a drug into one’s body under the tongue or sublingually ensures that the substance will only come in contact with the enzymes in saliva prior to entry into the bloodstream.
SPRAYED UNDER THE TONGUE (3X the effect of the capsules)
“it doesn’t undergo first pass effect in the liver, it goes directly to the systemic circulation then to the tissues that’s why it can be absorbed faster.” 2 – 3 sprays a day

WhiteLight Glutahione

FDA FR No. 74728

Whitelight Sublingual Glutathione Spray contains 2,500mg Glutathione & 1,000mg Vitamin C
» Antioxidant
» Anti-Aging
» Heals dark spots caused by acne and prevents them from coming back
» Helps maintain clear vision
» Slows down the aging process
» Works to help improve mental functions, increases energy
» Improves concentration, permits increased exercise
» Improves heart and lung function
» Boosts our immune system
» Reduces Blood pressure in people with diabetes and hypertension
» Prevents clot formation
» Helps the liver to function well and eradicate all insoluble substances
» Helps the liver to detoxify of heavy metals, toxins, and alcohol
» Used by those exposed to radiation and chemotherapy during cancer treatment
» Refreshes, Softens, and Promotes Whiter Complexion

Whitelight Sublingual Glutathione Spray SIDE-EFFECTS
» Generally considered to be free of side-effects.
» No untoward side-effects nor interactions with oral administration reported even in prolonged use.
» It is SAFE. Classified as Food Supplement not a herbal.
» The only reported side-effect is SKIN WHITENING when taken in increased doses.

Who needs Whitelight Sublingual Glutathione Spray
» smokers
» alcoholic drinkers
» people with low immune system
» people with liver problems
» people with thyroid problems
» people with cancer
» people who want to possess fairer and whiter skin

Directions for use of Whitelight Sublingual Glutathione Spray
1.Shake well before using.
2.Spray twice a day under the tongue. You can spray after every meal, or after brushing your teeth.
3. Hold under tongue for 20 seconds prior to swallowing.
See the Best Result After 1 – 2 Months of Continuous use, depending on your skin color.

Amazing Result!! tumblr_nuf5gq4ifr1syr7fxo1_500.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.12.59 PM.png

Whitelight glutathione spray Also for FERTILITY BOOSTER!!




PRICE: $45 (Php 1,900)
1 bottle 50 mL
Good for 1-2 months use


Products of Alliance In Motion Global Inc.
Certified HALAL
Dermatologist Tested 



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BURN Fats Under Right Nutrition SLIM

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The answer to your weight and size problem is in a tablet!

It’s with BURN Slim! A special supplement that uses environmentally and body-friendly ingredients that work in synergy to efficiently burn the excess fat in the body. This product gathered some of the most effective and safe ingredients for weight loss such as Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine, White Kidney Bean and Linoleic Acid to give a fast result to your weight worries.

Take your BURN Slim, strike a pose and see the transformation!

BURN Slim Tablet – a special proprietary blend of:


1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract (HydrocyCitric Acid 60%)
2. Green Tea Extract (Catechin 50%)
3. Conjugated Linoleic Acid
4. L-Carnitine
5. White Kidney Bean Extract

These are the Ingredients and health benefits in Using BURN Slim Tablet:



1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract
> Power Appetite Suppressant
> Prevents Fats Storage
> Improve your heart Health
> Cure Gastric Issues
> Positive Stimulant for Brain

2. Green Tea Extract
> Maintain Body Weight
> Best Drink for Diabetes
> Regulate Blood Pressure
> Prevent Cancer
> Anti Stress
> Increase Brain Activity

3. L- Carnitine
> Aids weight Loss
> Play an Important role in energy Production
> Improve Mental Performance and Cognitive Ability

4. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
> Increase Metabolic Rate
> Enhance Muscle Growth
> Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides
> Lower Insulin Resistance
> Induced Allergic Reaction
> Enhances Immune System

5. White Kidney Bean Extract
> Reduce Cholesterol
> Stabilizes Blood Sugar
> Full of Iron
> Good For memory
> Anti oxidant
> Boost Energy
> Lower heart attack risk




PRICE : Php 1100.00/box —- Php 450.00/pack.
CONTENTS : 30 Tablets/box —- 10 tablet/pack.
FDA No. : CFRR-NCR-FI/E/W-2975

GMP & HALAL Certified

Recommendations: Take 1-3 Tablets a day, must be taken 30 Minutes before meals.


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Choleduz Omega Supreme

FDA # 73934

(30 V-caps per blister box)

Choleduz Omega Supreme is a premium potency source of fish oil… molecularly distilled! Choleduz is a dietary supplement in softgel form that contains Fish Oil plus Vitamin E that are essential in reducing the bad cholesterol.

•It is a premium and high potency source of fish oil.
•PCB and Mercury free. Molecularly distilled!
•Clears and lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure.
•Helps in the prevention of heart diseases and its complications by clearing fat deposits in the arteries.
•Supports healthy eye and brain function.
•No chemical solvents, sugar, starch, artificial colors, flavours or preservatives.


Fish Oil

Fish oil is derived from the tissue of oily fish. It contains Omega-3 fatty acid, EPA and DHA. It helps regulate cholesterol in the body. It is beneficial in the anti-inflamattory properties and positive effects on the body composition. Fish oil also reduces the risks of depression and suicide.


About OMEGA-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are a family of unsaturated fatty acids. It is essential to normal growth and health. It is best known for heart-health benefits. The high level of Omega-3 fatty acids reduced triglycerides, heart rate, blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

  • Food and Drug Administration stated that “supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA (n-3) fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases. Canadian government recognized the importance of DHA Omega-3 fatty acid for normal development of the brain, eyes and nerves.
  • Studies report possible anti-cancer effects of Omega-3 fatty acids. It can reduce prostate tumor growth, slowed histopathological progression and increased survival of cancer patients. It also reduces the risk of breast cancer and helped cancer patients retain muscle mass.
  • Treatment of 1 gram per day of Omega-3 fatty acids reduced the occurrence of death, cardiovascular death and sudden cardiac death by 20%, 30% and 45% respectively.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids improves immune function maturation with no apparent reduction in immune activation.
  • It helps improve poor developmental health with essential fatty acid supplementation. It enhances membrane capabilities in brain celss and helps prevent psychiatric disorders
  • Omega-3 fatty acid acts as anti-inflammatory agent. It demonstrated benefits to cohorts of neck and of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids reduced the risk of low birth weight and premature birth for pregnant women.

Choleduz Omega Supreme is Manufacture by: NATURE’S WAY USA





Successful business woman with arms up celebrating

Bakit nga ba mas The Best ang AIM Global Business.?
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Umpisahan natin sa maliit na puhunan 7980 madami ang babalik sayo gaya ng
200k insurance
50k unprovoked murder
10k medical reimbursement
10k burial assistant.
1-YEAR yan na naka insured ka. Plus meron kapang transferable Scholarship.
Sa 7980 mo na puhunan meron babalik na product sayo na worth of 6800 nag uumpisa hanggang sa 7800 depinde yan sa option na pinili mo.
Halimbawa nag umpisa ka sa isang head mo at bumili ka ng isa na 7980 at pinili mo yung option na meron 7800 na return money kapag ibininta mo yung products.
At sunod mong ginawa ay nag add head account ka or sabihen na natin eminember mo yung anak mo at bumili ka ulit gaya ng binili mo. Ang maganda ay meron ka ng 7800 na product my kita kapa na 500 at meron 1200waiting points yun na kapag naparisan sa kabila ay magiging 1500 bonus na kita mo yan.
Halimbawa bumili kapa ng isa para sa kapatid mo, my 7800 worth of product ka ulit at meron 500 na kita at ngayon papalo na yung 1500 pesos mo kaya meron kang 2500 total sa account mo bukod sa products. Kaya napakaganda ng Aim Global dahil subra subra ang balik ng puhunan mo.
Sige ituloy natin… Halimbawa my pumasok na tag dalawa dun sa anak mo at kapatid mo, yung anak mo kikita ng 2500, at yung kapatid mo kikita ng 2500 din. At ikaw kikita ka naman ng 3000 kahit wala kana ginawa or ikaw na mismo naglagay ng tao sa kanila, hangang sa kadulodulohan yan pwedi kang kumita ng 1500 kahit hindi mo na kilala yung iba na pumasok.
Ang maganda pa ay meron kang 25 percent na discount sa product kaya pwedi ka kumita ng 25 percent sa binta binta.
At ito pa, sa lahat ng binibili na product ng grupo mo ay meron kang kikitain na 5 percent sa UNILEVEL hanggang sa 10 level mo yan at PLUS 5 percent kung direct mo yung bumili ng product gaya ng anak mo or kapatid mo.
PLUS meron kapang kikitain sa tinatawag na STAIRSTEP na 10 percent sa lahat ng re-order na product ng grupo mo kung na promote kana na SILVER EXECUTIVE at sila naman ay wala pang rango o rank. 20 percent naman ang kikitain mo kung na promote ka na GOLD EXECUTIVE at 30 percent naman kapag naging GLOBAL AMBASSADOR ka.
Ang AIM GLOBAL ay real time online
kahit saan ka man naruroon ay pwedi mong gawin ang business mo.
Ito pa, Ang account mo dito ay NAIPAPAMANA. Kung ano man ang itinanim mo dito ay yan din ang aanihin ng pamilya mo at ang maganda pa lumalaki ng lumalaki ito habang dumadami ang tao sa grupo mo.
Kapag member ka ng AIM GLOBAL napakalaki ang potential mong kitain at mga benefits pa gaya ng PROFIT sharing na ginaganap taon taon, yung company natin ay nagbibigay na bonus money sa mga qualified sa profit sharing.
At nagbibigay din ito ng FREE TRAVEL ABROAD at all expenses paid yan ng company, para din yan sa mga qualified distributor.
Bakit nga ba AIM GLOBAL ang dapat mong piliin pagdating sa networking.?
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Nanalo din ito sa GUINNESS WORLD RECORD.
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Ang networking ay kadalasan tumatagal lang ng 1-5 years lang nagsasara na ito, Why? Dahil maling syestema na ginagamit nito at yung iba ay ginagamit lang ang mga networker na gaya natin na ipakilala yung producto nila taz after ng 5 years ay magsasara na at iiwan na tayo dahil nalugi o kumita na sila or dahil meron na sila na masusuplayan ng producto na tayo naman ang dahilan. Nakakalungkot diba. Isa ito sa mga naranasan ng my ari ng aim global kaya naman nagtayo sila ng sariling kompanya para wala ng magsara at wala ng dayaan.
Ngayon andito na ang AIM GLOBAL at na PERFECT na nito yung SYSTEM at protectado nila tayong mga distributor or networker kaya naman tumagal ito at napakadami na natutulongan nito.
Kaya ito lang ang nag iisa na mapapagkatiwalaan pagdating sa networking.
At higit sa lahat Good Quality Product, Excellent pagdating sa kitaan, International at madaming branches.
Sana nakatulong itong information sayo at if meron kulang or katanongan kapa please let me know. Wag mahiya e inform ako for correction at magiging happy ako. Salamat!

CareLeaf Thermal Relief Patch

CareLeaf Thermal Relief Patch  

World’s First Patch Product that Uses Nano-Thermal DiaDynamics Technology


Here’s an all natural, non drug, non synthetic, no side effects, minerals & herbal base patch to relieve it!!
Doctor Formulated CareLeaf Thermal Relief Patch


CareLeaf is a natural, non-addictive breakthrough product. Micro layers infused with adaptogens combining a natural blend of powerful minerals & herbal ingredients delivering immediate relief to musculoskeletal pain an exclusive formulation of:



9 Ingredients infused in micro-layers combined in this latest NANO-TECHNOLOGY innovation:

  • NANO DIAMONDS – CareLeaf Thermal Relief Patch utilizes Nano Diamonds. Unique optical, mechanical and thermal properties are well-absorbed by human skin. They cause more of the ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Nano Diamonds magnify the intensity of the thermal patch. Nano Diamonds are broken down to its original elements carrying natural ingredients to the muscles immediately.nano-diamonds.png
    2. KOREAN RED GINSENG(PANAX GINSENG) – It helps boosts the immune system, detoxifies the body’s organs, protects the liver and can detoxifies the effects of alcohol. It helps combat ageing due to its antioxidants and it can beneficial for those recovering from illness, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and those suffering from diabetes.  pic1_ginseng.jpg3. ST. JOHN’S WORT(Hypericum Perforatum) – is most commonly used for depression and conditions that sometimes go along with depression such as anxiety, tiredness, loss of appetite and trouble sleeping. There is some strong scientific evidence that it is effective for mild to moderate depression.86714_kantaronun_faydalari.jpg4. TURMERIC (Curcuma Longa) – which contains the active ingredient CURCUMIN)
    – has very potent anti-inflammatory properties and a very powerful antioxidant.Turmeric-744x496.jpg5. CAPSAICIN (Capsicum Annuum) – which is derived from RED CHILI PEPPERS
    a natural source of endorphin, relieving stress and pain.iStock_000012381523Small.jpg6. SILVER ION – One component of CareLeaf Thermal Relief Patch is Silver ION. It has healing properties and known for its ability to kill bacteria and viruses.silverion.jpg

    7. ORGANIC GERMANIUM – utilizes your own body heat to bring us the relief we need – acts as a natural REFLECTOR….

    Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.34.58 AM.png8. GRAPESEED OIL – The Moment CareLeaf Thermal Relief Patch gets in contact with skin, GRAPESEED OIL opens up the pores allowing ACTIVE INGREDIENTS to come in alleviates inflammation.grapeseedoil.jpg9. VITAMIN E – One component of CareLeaf Thermal Relief Patch is Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps ease the pain of stiff muscles after exercise.vitamine.jpg


    The moment CareLeaf gets in contact with skin, GRAPESEED OIL opens up the pores allowing ACTIVE INGREDIENTS to come in, alleviates inflammation.

    CareLeaf.513x382.1028x0.jpgYour Everyday Care

    Be free from the limitations that you’ve had for years and again start doing the things you’ve been wanting to do. Whenever you feel musculoskeletal pain, you can use these thermal patches, even everyday! Pain away!

    Get it Here
    CareLeaf Thermal Relief Patch

Contents: 8 Patches per pack

Made in Korea