ENER-CHI Diffuser

ATTENTION: To All Gadget Users, PROTECT your MIND and BODY with our New ANTI-RADIATION product called ENER-CHI!
Your ultimate protection against EMF radiation.

Is not expensive!

Our Health is Wealth!

You are protected and your Family!

If you are always Online like me or If you are ONLINER BUSINESS PERSON, This is good for you.

If you are always with your computer or cellphone?


#ENER_CHI Products is now Available to order

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Protect your brain from any electronic devices radiation.

Protect yourself and your family from electropollution.

Introducing our New Aim Global Product ENER-CHI DIFFUSER Anti -Radiation.


✔It can be use for any electronic devices like Tablets,Laptops,desktop etc.
✔Lowers down the impact of Lower Magnetic Radiation/ EMF
✔Ener-Chi has a clinical Studies
✔Ener-chi infusion from vital Force Technology Oregon USA.

You can order online and get deliver to your doorstep

Ener-chi Diffuser


Ener-chi Pendant



Para saan ba ang ENER-CHI? Ano ang naidudulot ng RADIATION? PLEASE READ!

■ Average of 16 hrs nakababad sa ating katawan ang mga cellphones at gadgets natin lalo na sa mga bata ngayon at mga laging naka-online.
■ Babad na babad tayo sa Radiation ngayong panahon dahil full of Gadgets kaya ang nangyayari ay pinapatay ng Radiation ang Human Cells. Kapag namatay ang mga cells sa katawan yun ay tinatawag na CANCER CELLS kaya nagkakaroon ng BRAIN CANCER sooner or later pag hindi naagapan.
■ Ayan na! Binalita na ang Harmful Effect of Radiation, ikaw ang bahala kung paano mo ito i-pprevent or tatanggalin sa iyong mga Gadgets at Cellphone.
■ Kung ikaw ay may Cellphone, Laptop, Desktop, or other Gadgets dikitan mo lang ng ENER-CHI DIFFUSER para ma-absorb nya ang Radiation na namumula sa inyong Gadgets…
■ Tandaan:

“Prevention is Better/Cheaper than Cure”

➡ ALISIN ang Radiation sa inyong mga Cellphones & Gadgets

Lahat ng merong dumadaloy na Electricity ay meron Radiation at napaka-Harmful sa ating Katawan:

● Nagdudulot ang Radiation ng Pagka-Sakit ng ulo
● Nagdudulot ang Radiation ng Pagka-tanda ng itsura
● Nagdudulot ang Radiation ng Pagka-Baog
● Nagdudulot ang Radiation ng Sakit sa Puso
● Nagdudulot ang Radiation ng Lost of Memory
● Nagdudulot ang Radiation ng Brain Cancer
★Lagyan o Dikitan mo ng ENER-CHI ang iyong Cellphone & Gadgets. This is very much affordable kaysa sa pagpapa-opera pag meron ka ng Brain Cancer dahil sa Harmful Radiation..
✔ Proven and Tested

For more info pls pm me.. here’s our contact number +639501573258


Ener-chi Diffuser


Ener-chi Pendant



Available with Necklace and Pendant as well.


Ener-chi Diffuser


Ener-chi Pendant


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How to Earn Passive Income Online – AIM World


We are already in an online era whether you like it or not. Bill Gates once saidIf your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business“. People go online to search an information. So if you are not taking your business online, you are missing a lot.


Is it really possible to make a passive income online?

Well, I know a lot of people earning a very handsome income online. It maybe hard for you to believe if you are not exposed to these kind online earning opportunities and you know no one that earning a living through it.
I want to tell you, it is very possible to earn your dream life having a passive income online. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean about the easy-peasy money. We must understand that when an opportunity has a very promising reward, hard-work comes along with it.

There is no shortcut to earn money in any field especially online. You could possibly fall into scams and I will tell you that there are thousands of them. It is the reality in the world of investments so you have to be careful of opportunities you are getting into and make sure it is legitimate business. It’s not to scare you nor to hold you back to try online opportunities but know your passion if it’s there for online opportunities because along the way, you will pass through the learning curve, you can feel you are being discouraged so understand that you are on the process of learning and growth.

Now, I want to go straight showing you How to Earn Passive Income Online in legitimate and ethical way. One way is through Aim World.

First, have a quick information of What is Aim World.

I want to be so much honest with you. The business I will show you to make a Passive Income Online has an investment. I don’t want you to waste your time reading the whole post then leave the site not decided because of the investment capital. As early as now , you can stop reading this and do something else if you are close minded just because of the capital. The system of AIM World is somewhat similar to affiliate marketing but this will enable you to get your dream passive income faster than being an affiliate because there is leverage in this business of AIM World.

What is Leverage?

 In simplest explanation It is multiplying your time and effort through other. It is better to earn $1,000 to 1,000 people than earn $1,000 on your own effort. 

You are still reading this paragraph so I am assuming that you have made up your mind to see more of what I am going to show you.
I will discuss step by step for you to have a guide on how to start.

Important:  After you receive your AIM WORLD CODE, email it to (maryrosemarapia@ymail.com)
Your email should include these information because we will register your account to the system.
First Name:___
Last Name:___
Registration code:___
Date of Birth (example: 01-Jan-1980)__
(Viber/whatsapp) +639993112679

Step 1

Buy your registration package Online. The Capital is $268. See the image below for your reference of what you will get in your package. Yes there is business capital, but you have to take a look of what is you are going to get. The package product worth is more than the capital so the return of your investment capital is worth it. I know you are wise enough to realize it. Go to AIM World Shop to buy your package. You can pay it through credit card and the package will be delivered at the comfort of your home.

If you are wondering the use of AIM World Products, Go Here.

Step 2

Once your order is successful, and the order has been processed, we will email you your log in to the system of AIM World. Also email these important details we need to register your account.

After you receive your AIM WORLD CODE , email it to (maryrosemarapia@ymail.com)
Your email should include these information because we will register your account to the system.
First Name:___
Last Name:___
Registration code:___
Date of Birth (example: 01-Jan-1980)__
(Viber/whatsapp) +639993112679

You will receive email from our team with your log in to AIM WORLD LOG IN PAGE.

Step 3

When you receive an email from our team with your access, log in to your AIM WORLD Daily Tracking Center. It is where you can monitor your account. Get your Unique Tracking Link and use it to promote the business. It is the way the company will track and credit each sale , recruitment and recurring commission to your account. In short it is the link of your Shop. Your link is like this screenshot below. When your customer clicks the link, it will go to your AIM WORLD SHOP.

SHOP http://shop.aimworld.today/&tracking=578e34f5ad814

Once you become a member, here are the first three of the 6  Ways to Make Money with AIM World.

  •  Earn 25% commission on product Sales.
  •  Earn $25 for each people will buy the Business package worth $268 and also registered on the system.
  •  Earn $33 each match. The rule is simple, when there are people joined in your right group, get paired with the people joining in your left group, you earn $33. So the first two people who will join you by buying their business package should be put under your right and left group because they will be the start of matched sales bonus of $33.

So how to have a passive income with AIM World?

Because what we apply is the power of Leverage, there will be a time that each people that will join you will also promote the business and people will also join them. Look at the diagram below.


On this example above, you can see that people grows into thousands left and right. It is very possible that 16 people out of thousands can recruit and that means you will also have 16 matches will be paid for $33 each so the potential income per day is $528. Good thing about this is you have no more effort to those people joining yet there is a repeat income you gain.

The income doesn’t end there. You can actually buy upto 7 accounts. If you are from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and US, you can buy the Emerald Packageand Diamond package which will double or triple your income.

If you missed the Step 1, the link is below to order your AIM WORLD PACKAGE.



Feel free to comment and give your thought. We appreciate it and your questions will be answered.

Helpful Link:

AIMWorld Business Opportunity Plan

We know that AIMWorld, is an online division of AIM Global. For you to become a member of AIMWorld you must be an AIM Global distributor by availing the NPP Package and here is How to Order NPP Package. I made this post for you to know how to earn in this opportunity by learning AIM World Marketing Plan.


If you are not yet a member of AIM Global, you may want to know on How to Join AIMWorld or simply by going to the Order Processing Page and select the AIMWorld package.


Helpful link : What is AIMWorld 


So, lets proceed now to the Ways to Earn of AIM World. There has no much difference from the Marketing plan of AIM Global. If you already mastered AIM Global Marketing plan, I am pretty sure that this will be very easy for you too to master.

AIM World Marketing Plan

1. Retailing or Direct Selling

Once you become a member of AIMWorld you automatically are entitled to have a lifetime discount of 25% on all products.

That means that you can retail or sell products and have a 25% profit when you sell it in the Retail Price.

Here is an example computation for you.

  • iProtect 24/7 sachet
  • Selling Retail Price: $50
  • Distributor Price: $36
  • CareLeaf pack
  • Selling Retail Price: $40
  • Distributor Price: $30


This means that you could earn $14 for every iProtect 24/7 sold and $10 for every CareLeaf sold. This is just a bonus way to earn.

Earning Millions is through referring of people or building a network.

2. Direct Referral Bonus

Earn $25 for every package sold. Meaning when your friend joined your business by means of buying also a registration package, you automatically earn a commission.

Refer as many people as you can and get paid for $25 each.

If your friend bought EMERALD package, your earning is $75.

If DIAMOND package , your earning is is $125 .

Emerald and Diamond package is for customers in US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

3. Matching Bonus


Just like AIM Global, you will have two sales group. The left sales group and the right sales group. Each Package is equivalent to 1200 binary points. For every 1200 binary points on your left sales group that matches with 1200 binary points on the right sales group, you will earn a match sales bonus of $33. This means that for every AIMWorld Package sold on your left sales group that matches with another AIMWorld Global Package on your right sales group, you will earn $33, regardless of who sold the package, as long as they are under your organization. This is the fastest way to earn here in AIMWorld.

Since we are pairing points ,you can earn when:

  • Pairing AIMWorld Package (1200 points) to Global Package (1200 points)
  • Pairing Global Package (1200 points) to Products (accumulated 1200 points)
  • Pairing Products (accumulated 1200 points) to Products (accumulated 1200 points)

Emerald and Diamond have 3600 binary points and 6000 binary points respectively, which means that you will earn more pairing bonus from them. Just remember, every 1200 points paired at the left and right, whether the points came from Sapphire, Emerald or Diamond Global Package, you will earn $33. You can earn a maximum of 16 pairs per day. This is equivalent to $528/day maximum potential income, or$15,840/month maximum potential income for 1 account!

4. Uni-Level Bonus

You will get additional 10%unilevel bonus from the product reorders for each of your directly sponsored downline and 5% unilevel bonus from the second level up to the 10th level. A maintenance of 0.3334 positional points from the previous month is required to earn from this.


Once you become a member of AIMWorld, you will start as aDistributor. If you and your team accumulated 10 positional points by buying AIMWorld products (remember, each product has points!), you will be promoted toSilver Executive. Once you are promoted as Silver Executive, you will get an additional 10% overriding commission to all the products purchased and AIMWorld Global Packages  under your organization. If you accumulate 100 points, you will be promoted as Gold Executive. You will now earn additional 20% commission from all the distributors’ sales under your team and 10% commission from all the Silver Executive. Earn 1000 positional points and you will be promoted as Global Ambassador. As a Global Ambassador, you will get 10% commissions from all Gold Executive, 20% commission from all Silver Executive and 30% commission from all Distributors under your team up to infinity! 

  • If you purchased the Emerald and Diamond Global Package, you will get additional accounts (re-entry) which will be added directly below your first account as you earn more stair-step points and gets promoted.
  • AIM Global members who purchased the AIMWorld NPP will never be demoted. Your rank in AIM Global will be the same as your rank in AIMWorld. 

THE STAIR STEP POINTS of AIMWorld Marketing Plan

Unlike AIM Global, you will have Stair-steps commission even on AIMWorld Global Package! This is another improvement to the marketing plan! Computations of commissions will be done on the stairsteps commissional points of each product or Global Package (AIMWorld Sapphire Global Package has stairstep points of $45). On the example as shown on the image above, a Global Ambassador can earn $15/GP from the sale of his Distributor’s downlines. A maintenance of 0.3334 positional points from the previous month is required to earn from this. More commission for EMERALD Global packages and DIAMOND Global Package.


Once you become a Global Ambassador, you will still earn 2% from all the Global Ambassador under your team up to 5th level. This system was made to push up promotion. Once someone under your team was promoted as a Global Ambassador, you will automatically be pushed up and become a Global Ambassador too! And you will earn 2% commission!

We also have Travel Incentives: US Trip, Europe Trip, Asian Cruise Trip, Hong Kong Trip, Korea Trip, etc. The company also provides Profit Sharing to all the qualifiers.


ORDER NOW! http://shop.aimworld.today/&tracking=578e34f5ad814