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Today I just started my new blogging journey. As a newbie, the sourcing for the right hosting site is not simple as I though, but the most important is we resolve the issue, I’ve learn and I am satisfied for the effort I made. So today is my first post here and i would like to share my experience to you too. Yeheey congratulations to me. 

If you are planing for blogging as well the First Step you must do is to chose the name for your branding or if you already in business just use that. Tips for newbie: you can write it down on the piece of paper first so you can see how it looks. Then you have to look for Web Hosting for you for affordable price. There are thousand of hosting site, all you have to do is to search from mr. google. Take time to read. 

Mine I use for my hosting plan for my blog as it easy to operate with WordPress. It can integrate the two site into one. Availing hosting plan is like buying a house or renting a place for your business. When you have a business or a house you need an address right.? And that is you need in setting up your website, That’s called domain – domain is the address of your site. ( example: google.come or ) When you avail from you get the free domain, just visit the site then type your prepared domain name you will see what I’m talking about. I use bluehost because they are more friendly to use and I get the benefits in same way with many expensive site plan, for example installing plugins I want. Those come with the package in for free in a cheaper way or reasonable price. They have an excellent costumer service as well that can help you 24/7 when ever you need. 

So review that you need to do:
1. Your name or Business name ( example: My Healthy Cooking )
2. Get ready for your prepared domain name ( example: )
3. Hosting Site for your plan like
4. Create your WordPress Business name from inside the Bluehost account. 

Then you are all set, Congrats & keep posting. 

Thank you for reading and Feel free to comment below if you need more helps. 

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