HIV Patient from Nigeria – C24|7 Testimony

The Powerful Testimony of HIV patient that take C24/7 now Hospital Declare Negative

Fight against HIV disease using C24/7 Natura Ceuticals
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AIMGlobal Success Story by Ani Pearl Aquino


From Ani Pearl Aquino

“I am Ani Pearl Aquino, former child actress from ABS-CBN TV shows (Wansapanataym, Maala-ala Mo Kaya, etc.) and Star Cinema movies like “Sarah, ang Munting Prinsesa” (I played Lottie), “Kokey” (I played Anna), and many others. All was good until the point in my acting career when family-oriented movies were not the trend anymore because of the increasing popularity of “Bomba” films. This is when my family and I decided that I lie low from showbiz and focus on my studies. I focused so much on my studies and held on to the belief that studying hard will get me a good paying job and secure my future.

When I was about to finish High School, I wanted to take a medical-related course such as Nursing or Pharmacy as I was dreaming to become a Physician someday. Unfortunately, we cannot afford the fees needed for me to pursue my chosen course, and that’s when I realized that what I needed was a course that’s in demand so I’ll get hired immediately after graduating. I chose HRM (Hotel and Restaurant Management) because I was told there was a growing demand on workers for hotels and cruise ships abroad. I finished my course and even took Culinary Arts classes to further my chances of getting a job.

And I DID get a job… In a Call Center! No one wanted to hire me in a hotel or a restaurant. Why would they? I was a skinny, clumsy girl back then. So I tried my luck in a Call Center and that’s where I worked for nearly 2 years. I still love performing, so I joined theatre plays and musicals on the side when my schedule allowed.

One night during my 2am lunch break my husband James visited me at work and he told me he joined a networking company called AIM GLOBAL. He was so excited to do this business venture because he met several car achievers when he visited the office. His excitement was so contagious that I immediately asked him to buy a Global Package for me. My salary was not yet due so we decided to borrow money from a “5-6” so I can join the next day.

That night I tried the products and I fell in love with them in an instant. That weekend we invited close family members, family friends and relatives to a presentation at our house. We invited our direct upline and upline Joseph Lim to conduct the “House Party”. 14 people came to the presentation. 13 people bought Global Packages that same day. The one person who didn’t join that day joined next week when she got her salary. That’s when I decided that I will do the business full-time. Why settle for 20,000php a month when I can earn it in a day?

I went AWOL on my job, got myself fired and did AIM Global full time. My husband James followed suit and left his job as a dancer at ABS-CBN. It was all worth it. After three months of doing the business we bought our first car (Chevrolet Spark). The rest was history. We were awarded as Millionaire’s Club Members after almost 2 years, and Global Ambassadors soon after.

We also became part of the Speakers Bureau of AIM Global, which gave us the priviledge to travel throughout the Philippines and other countries for free to train distributors and also build our own group outside Metro Manila.
We also qualified for several travel incentives like Asian Cruise and Hong Kong trip.

I still do theatre plays whenever I feel like it. Which, to me, is another blessing because not many people can do things they are passionate about because all their time and energy is spent on earning for survival. Some even come to a point where the creative spirit they have gets buried in the stress of working hard for a living.

One of the best parts of my AIM Global career started January 2015, when I was handpicked by upline Joseph Lim to be one of the coordinators of the next big thing in AIM Global, JLim Project 2015. Being a coordinator in this project helped me unleash my potential as a leader. March 2015 came another blessing, our third car, Ford Ecosport Titanium, which we bought with cold cash! All these started with a simple dream, to get out of my stressful, emotionally abusive job, bring out the GREATNESS in me and live a life of TIME and FINANCIAL FREEDOM for me, my husband, and our future children.

Thank God because we were blessed with a company that is stable and so lucrative that every effort we give pays off well. I am also grateful for my AIM Global family, from the owners, the management, to my uplines especially my mentor Joseph Lim, my Project 2015 family, trustee Joey Montes and my co-coordinators, students, downlines and co-distributors who were part of my journey. I am grateful for my family and friends for all their love and support.

My story is not yet finished because the best is yet to come!
To God be the glory!