Tips for Creating Blog & Website

Today I just started my new blogging journey. As a newbie, the sourcing for the right hosting site is not simple as I though, but the most important is we resolve the issue, I’ve learn and I am satisfied for the effort I made. So today is my first post here and i would like to share my experience to you too. Yeheey congratulations to me. 

If you are planing for blogging as well the First Step you must do is to chose the name for your branding or if you already in business just use that. Tips for newbie: you can write it down on the piece of paper first so you can see how it looks. Then you have to look for Web Hosting for you for affordable price. There are thousand of hosting site, all you have to do is to search from mr. google. Take time to read. 

Mine I use for my hosting plan for my blog as it easy to operate with WordPress. It can integrate the two site into one. Availing hosting plan is like buying a house or renting a place for your business. When you have a business or a house you need an address right.? And that is you need in setting up your website, That’s called domain – domain is the address of your site. ( example: google.come or ) When you avail from you get the free domain, just visit the site then type your prepared domain name you will see what I’m talking about. I use bluehost because they are more friendly to use and I get the benefits in same way with many expensive site plan, for example installing plugins I want. Those come with the package in for free in a cheaper way or reasonable price. They have an excellent costumer service as well that can help you 24/7 when ever you need. 

So review that you need to do:
1. Your name or Business name ( example: My Healthy Cooking )
2. Get ready for your prepared domain name ( example: )
3. Hosting Site for your plan like
4. Create your WordPress Business name from inside the Bluehost account. 

Then you are all set, Congrats & keep posting. 

Thank you for reading and Feel free to comment below if you need more helps. 

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Network Marketing TIPS

It’s important that you become aware of the negative reviews that are out there about your company and be the one to educate your prospects before they even consider doing any research.

You also need to educate your prospects on how some marketers use sleazy marketing techniques to sway people into their business, products or services.

Here’s what you need to know about negative reviews that appear on the first page of Google.

Anybody can post anything they want on Google.

Smart Marketers Don’t Rely On Google For Research Or Business Decisions!

A lot of marketers out there will use the word scam after the name of a network marketing company to get attention from people that are researching companies on Google and deviate them into what they are selling.

In my opinion, this is a sleazy marketing strategy.

The majority of these marketers are writing negative reviews on companies and products they’ve never seen or touched.

But most people don’t know this is a marketing strategy designed to scare people because they don’t understand marketing.

If you help prepare your prospect for what they’ll find on the internet, they won’t be so easily swayed by sleazy marketing tactics that provide no real value.

So yes, it’s a good idea to do your research first and be aware of the negative stuff that your prospects are going to find. This way you can be as transparent as possible and not be caught off guard or surprised and completely ruin a good sales process.

The second rule of dealing with negative reviews is to not make a big deal about them.

If you’re cool about the situation and react like it’s all good, then your prospect will also be cool about it and not turn it into a big deal.

In reality, most network marketing company start-up costs are minimal and should be part of the research phase.

A lot of people who don’t have a business mindset won’t think this way. Let your prospects know upfront who it is that you’re looking for and what real business research actually looks like.

Relying on Google to help you with a business decision is the equivalent of relying on Google to get a medical diagnosis for a symptom you might have.

Any company that is growing will have some negative reviews. This is inevitable and usually a good sign of growth and progress.

Apple has bad reviews, charities have bad reviews. Every industry has its haters and fans.

There’s no one perfect business, product or service for every person out there.

And that’s okay, because your company can’t be great for everyone.

In order to be the best solution for someone, your business, product or service must be the wrong solution for someone else.

Often, a bad review simply comes from someone discovering that your business or product is not the right fit for them.

Let your prospects know this. Educate them and share these network marketing tips with them.