Ghana AIM Global Opportunity for YOU

AIM GLOBAL Business is the fastest growing business now in AFRICAN COUNTRIES..
Alliance In Motion Global originally come from the Philippines then expanded globally including in Africa,,, We empower people from Ordinary person into Extra Ordinary Millionaires by helping them to build their Dreams, enhance their skills & knowledge by learning from our free training seminars in our branches or even online.

This Giant Direct Selling Multi Level Marketing System has offer you a perfect system that has 6 Major Ways to Earn,The Best company ever in the history of MLM.

In order to start the business you will need sponsor.. the one who share this to you or it’s me..
The next thing you must do is purchase the starter packages you will see below worth of GHC 888 for the regular pack and gets all the benefits to do the business.

The benefits you will get here is
• 25% lifetime discount for all of our products
• Earn 70 cedis for every sponsor who purchase the same package.
• Earn 125 cedis to 2000 cedis per day ( 16-matching bonus).
• Qualified for Unilevel income
• Qualified for Stairstep when you get rank
• Enjoy your free travel points for every 5th matching pair.

You can also start with our  488 smallest starter called ”Associate Package” for membership if you cannot afford the first option. This one you will only have limited earnings benefits once you do the business. If you would like to be just a user then this is ok for you as you can enjoy your 25% lifetime discount for your next re order in all of our products.

The benefits you will get here is
• 25 % lifetime discount for all of our products.
• Earn 50 cedis for every sponsor who purchase the same Associate package.
• Earn 62.50 cedis to 375 per day ( 6-matching bonus).
• You will need to accumulate atleast 1.6 points from your products re order or group team re order to be converted into normal account your account. Then after that you can qualifies for 16-pair matching per day.
• You will qualified for unilevel earnings once your account has been converted into regular package.
• You will qualify for stairstep bonuses when you get rank.
• Enjoy the 5th matching bonus for free travel converted.

The process of the registration is thru bank deposit or you can pay as well in our branch office.
In your purchase membership pack you will get products in return, you can see in the image, please check. You can use for health purpose or sell it..
You will have as well Catalog,Flyers,Application Form, Presentation for your Business..
You will have as well scholarship certificate that your love one can use or you can give to someone you care, it is transferable.., here is the tie up school below

After purchasing your Global Package Membership your sponsor upline will registered your account via online.. You will have User & Password Log-in in our website here it’s called DTC ” Distributor Tracking Center” it is like facebook so you can monitor your account anywhere you go you can do your business. You can do as well the business thru Online and Offline Basis, depending on how you promote your business to get more clients and partner.

For the Registration online we will need your details:
Your Name: ________
Your Surname: _________
Your Codes: ____________
Your Birthday: ___________

Helpful Link:
To know About AIM GLOBAL
To know About AIM GLOBAL Products you can visit HERE


1. Retail profit income of 25% -30% just sharing and inviting people to use the products:

2. Referral Bonus of GHC 50 – 70  for every person you refer or invite to join the business and purchase a global package.

3. Matching Bonus of GHC 62.50 to 125 every time there is a referral at the left (1200points) and right (1200points) side of your binary organization or an equivalent product purchase. The maximum income is GHC 2,000 per day ( 16-match ) for 1 Global Package Purchased (maximum of 7 Global Packages per single individual account). Maximize your income here by getting more accounts.
Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 11.12.59 PM.png
The very good thing here is you get GHC 125 for every matching bonus whether the match comes from your direct referral or indirectly from anyone under your network of distributors as all the points coming up on you.

( Enjoy the every 5th pairing converted into travel incentives local & international plan )

4. Uni level Income – 5% on monthly purchases products of your direct referrals and their respective down lines’ purchases up to the 10th level. The 10 levels are completed from further down when anyone in the top 10 level made no purchase for the month. This applies to all your direct referrals and respective down lines no mater how many (no limit).

5. Stair Step Plan (Overriding Commission)

Every products that you buy or your team group buy it has points accumulating that will come up on you. If you and your team accumulate

Silver Executive – 10% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume. Achieved when the equivalent points of your group’s sales volume reached 10 points.

Gold Executive – 20% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume. Achieved when the equivalent points of your group’s sales volume reached 100 points.

Global Ambassador – 30% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume. Achieved when the equivalent points of your group’s sales volume reached 1,000 points.

Ruby Global Ambassador – 35% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume. Achieved when you got 5-global ambassador under you with 50points each from their non GA downlines.

Diamond Global Ambassador – 40% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume. Achieved when you got 8-global ambassador under you with 50points each from their non GA downlines.

6. GA MAX 10 – 2% from first generation to 10 generation with Roll down/ Roll up Compression in any of all of your down line and his/her group’s sales. To achieved this it must have 10points from non GA positional points.This is infinity..

AIM Global Compensation Plan ADVANTAGES:

  • No “compulsory” selling or re-ordering of products
  • No pyramiding
  • No matrix filling or cycling (because we are not illegal ponzi scheme)
  • No auto-ship
  • No pass up of downlines
  • No demotion
  • Registration is one-time and there’s no need to pay again till eternity, yet you will earn around the clock (as your team activities are growing)
  • Account is inheritance, so it can be transfer to generation to generation of your family.
  • Real-time income and activity tracking through our Online Data Tracking System
  • Daily payout to your Nigerian bank accounts
  • Professional training system (to guide you into knowing the business better and presenting it to the world at large – all for FREE!)

So now let’s proceed on HOW MANY ACCOUNT YOU CAN GET to GENERATE you more Income. 

You can get 3 types of account

1.Starter Package 1-Head (1 Global Package Purchase)
2.Entrepreneurial Package 3-Heads (3 Global Package Purchases)
3.International Builders Package 7-Heads (7 Global Package Purchases)


In 1 Account you will need 2-Leader
In 3 Account you will need 4-Leader
In 7 Account you will need 8-Leader

YOUR POTENTIAL INCOME in just MATCHING BONUS 1-Way to EARN is showing in the image account. See the big difference…. Power Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s Do it!!!!!!! You can do it!!!!!!!!!! This is the best business for you… Life changing… Lifetime business.. Inheritance business.. with the Time freedom… this is the business that even you are sleeping or in vacation you still earnings. Powerrrrrrrrrrr



They are just few of many successful doing this business…

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